Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Nga Rakau Triathlon

Parkvale triathlon by reuben3ms8 on GoAnimate

This is a video about the Parkvale School Triathlon held on Friday the 22nd of November. 
Team Nga Rakau did a triathlon and we did swimming, running and biking. 
This video is about how I got on at this event. It sounds awesome. 
So now kick back and relax and watch the video... Enjoy!  

Friday, 13 September 2013

Egyption God art

This is Anubis and he is the GOD of final JUDGMENT. He meets people in the afterlife in Egypt.  I made this with Pencil Crayon and dye. This if  From the egyption art we did.

                 Click the link above for facts Hope you enjoyed

Friday, 6 September 2013

Egyptian Cartouche Art

 This is my Egyptian Cartouche. They use these on tombs to
 tell who the pharaoh was.

These are  hieroglyphics. This cartouche has Reuben but also the name has to be short. So my name is
If you sound it out it sounds like Reuben. So if you ever want to try Your own name in hieroglyphics Visit this website ------>

Rata Tree Art

                                             This is a Rata Tree. This isn't  just a ordinary tree
                                              the main tree has vines CRUSHING! the tree
                                              OUCH that must hurt.  Here are some facts.

                                Rata trees, along with the pohutukawa, are one of the best known native trees in 
                                New Zealand.
                                Rata trees have glossy dark green leaves and trunks that are often gnarled and twisted.
                                Since brushtail possum were introduced from Australia in the nineteenth century.
The Rata Tree is in trouble. They are In trouble because..Possums eat a wide range of plants, but show strong preferences for some species like the rata and are also known to prey on native wildlife such as kakapo chicks. Studies have shown that they will often browse one or a few trees, while ignoring others of the same species nearby. If you want to learn more about the rata tree visit this website:

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Call of monsters forest at war!

  1. Today i'm going to camp in a forest where we have alreadyset up. The next day we go to camp. We had slept there for a night then at midnight our grandfather clock struck 12:00.suddenly i heard a sound outside I went and opened the door then I got pulled out. i was screaming. whatever it was I got thrown into the bushes then i saw a slim face it had no eyes, no mouth and no ears. next
  2. i run forwards, he teleports in front of me then i run back, he teleports back then suddenly i tripped up on a tree route and i tumbled down the hill and into a  deep dark cave. there is a light in the far far distance i run down there, 30 minutes later I get there. i am puffed out and the light turns off next to me. i flick it on and i look up, there are skeletons i see a bed i walk to it then a caveman looking guy looks at me as if i'm food and then he says, “hi i’m tom.”  I  rush backwards and  i found my peanuts. They were in my pocket and i saw a peanut Trail and each peanut i ate.  i never  realised i had a hole in my pajama pocket but then i followed the peanuts.  i went to see if i had any more of those mother earth peanuts i had 6. ,i gave 3 to the caveman and 3 for me. then it was there an ugly CREATURE standing in front of me. I RUN for my life then ,“AHH!!” ,I SCREAM HELP. TOM COMES TO GET ME. I RUN WITH HIM.. WE RUN OUT THE CAVE WITH METAL CAR DOORS AS OUR SHIELD. WE RAN and RAN until we got FURTHER and further away from the cave. then  the creature ran fast and it saw our torches on the doors. it sprinted after us then me and tom fell down a deep dark hole. we were scared that it would fall on top of us  SO WE PUT THE CAR DOORS ABOVE US AND JAMMED THEM BETWEEN  TWO ROCKS. WE TOOK THE TORCHES OFf AND LOOKed IN THE HOLE.. THERE WAS A CAVE IN THERE so WE TRAMPLED THROUGH AND WE FOUND BOOTS, CLOTHES, TWO SKELETONS, swords,  sticks even matches. then a little dog runs at me. its a red nose bulldog. i pat it growled at me and i follow it to the deep dark cave. then it shows me  another person and he is awake.  he said” ‘hi my name is sam. nice to eat you. a sorry sam said. “i mean to say” ‘hi nice to meet you.  SO WHAT ARE YOU RUNNING FROM’ SAM SAID. o WERE RUNNING FROM THIS SLIM FACE TALL SKINNY GUY HE SAID GRAHGH TO ME I ALMOST WENT IN MY PANTS AHH! I YELLED BEHIND YOU SAM WATCH OUT ITS SLIM FACE!!!!! WE RAN BACK TO OUR PLACE. WE LANDED AND THEN WE TOOK A DOOR OFF. WE SPRINTED THROUGH wITH THE DOOR  AND THEN I RAMMED HIM OUT THE WAY........WE GOT AWAY FOR NOW I HOPE WE CAN   SURVIVE.  WE RUN UP A HILL AND OUT OF THE CAVE AHHH a UFO WE BETTER RUN SO WE Ran BUT IT WASN’T the camp site. it WAS THAT UFO ABDUCTING AREA NORTH of the cave. then I SEE A CAMPSITE  O YAY OUR SPOT AND THEN  the ufo LANDS. I CAN’T BELIEVE MY EYES. THEN the slim face that was chasing  us looks at THE OTHER SLIM FACES STANDING IN  THE DOOR. NEXT THEY WERE  MAKING PAC-MAN SOUNDS ALL I HEARD WAS  THEM SAYING WAKA WAKA WAKA WAKA WAKA. THEN SLIM FACE WALKS RIGHT ON TO THE UFO AND IT TOOK OFF. OH YAY A CAMERA. I PICK IT UP YAY I SAID ITS GOT 1 SHOT LEFT. I TOOK A PHOTO OF THE UFO. ITS WEIRD  BECAUSE I FORGOT ABOUT MY SPY CAMERA IT TOOK A CLOSE UP PHOTO OF THE UNKNOWN ALIENS. THEN I WALK PAST THE ABDUCTION CIRCLE IT MADE. I RAN AND RAN. FINALLY I GET BACK TO CAMP YAY ME AND MY NEW FRIENDS SAId.  Yay then we tripped and it started all again.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Personal recount

One day my sister was walking me to school. She was being mean and tripped me up. With a great fall I tumbled to the the ground.
My face flooded with blood and it dripped all over the ground. We were close to my mums friends house. They cleared my blood and gave me a ride home so I can rest my head. It was really sore because when I tripped over.  I  got an ice pack on my head and I had to put salt water in my mouth. And I even had it to wash around in my mouth. I have a scar that has been there since I had fallen over last year.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

    This is my word tagxedo.
It is about a top town activity team Nga Rakau did on Friday, 22nd Feburary 2013. It was so fun and we all Had a Great time.